Although vinyl floors are, by their nature, highly durable and easy-care, all floors need a bit of routine maintenance to keep them looking new longer. Here are a few general tips.

Daily care & maintenance

Please be sure to reference your vinyl floor warranty for specific care requirements! For general information, here are some essential tips and facts.

As needed, sweep your floor to remove dirt and grit.

Mop occasionally using a special cleaner we can recommend. Avoid using detergent or soap-based products, which will dim the shine. Vinyl floors can be slippery when wet, so use caution when walking on them after mopping.

Most vinyl floors have finishes that do not require additional buffing, shining, or waxing-these actions might harm the finish.

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Dealing with spills

Vinyl is very simple to deal with when it comes to dealing with messes! In most cases, all you need to do is mop up any spills or use a cloth. You'll just want to wipe up any spills promptly.

If your floors are sticky, you can follow up with a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner.

If you encounter more difficult messes such as nail polish, oil, wax, or market, check with your manufacturer's guidelines for approved stain removal tips.

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