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Your carpet installation

JK Carpet Center helps you every step of the way after you’ve selected your new floor. We provide professional on-site measurement, removal of old flooring, and skilled installation. We do it all expertly, so your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction. 

Before installation day

We know you want a problem-free installation and, to help ensure it, here's a checklist of things to do before the installer arrives.

Existing flooring

Make sure you know who's removing your existing flooring. If you wish, the installer will do it. If not, you should make arrangements to have it removed. To minimize dust, vacuum your old carpet before it's removed and, after it's pulled up, vacuum the floor thoroughly.


Whether you do it yourself or hire professional movers, the room needs to be clear of furniture before your installation can take place. Be sure to remove all fragile items from the room, and don’t leave anything – such as drapery or plants – hanging over the installation area.

Door clearances

Measure door clearances before you have your carpet installed. If the new floor is thicker than your existing floor, door bottoms may rub. If required, you'll need to have someone shave or saw the correct amount off the bottom of each door, so it doesn't drag on your new carpet.

Paint and wallpaper

If you're planning to paint, wallpaper, or do any other remodeling in the room, it's best to do it before your carpet is installed. Keep extra paint to touch up any post-installation nicks.

During installation day

To make your carpet look beautiful when it's new and for a long time to come, proper installation is critical. Here’s the procedure an experienced installation professional will follow:

Prepare the surface

Carpet can be installed over most smooth surfaces. Your installer will make sure the surface is clean, dry, and level.

Put up tack strips and lay carpet pad

The installer will nail or glue tack strips to hold the carpet in place. Then the pad is laid and secured with staples or glue.

Line up seams

This step is simpler for solid carpet and more complex for patterns—but your professional installer is trained to handle either.

Stretch the carpet

This is a work-intensive step that professionals follow carefully, complying with industry standards so that the carpet will give the best performance for the longest time.

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After installation day

Clear the air

If you’re sensitive to strong odors, you’ll want to open windows or run fans to establish adequate ventilation, if possible. Some of the chemicals used in the construction of carpet, as well as the adhesives or hot melt seaming tapes, can sometimes create an odor that lasts 48 to 72 hours after installation. Be prepared to adequately ventilate the area.

Post-installation issues

New carpeting can naturally shed. Frequent vacuuming for the first few days should remove any loose fibers from the carpet’s surface.

Sprouting, which refers to small tufts or loops of carpet that become visible after the installation, can be trimmed with a small pair of scissors. Carefully trim the loose fibers flush with the surface of the carpet.

If wrinkles or ripples appear in the carpet, it may be necessary to re-stretch the carpet. Please contact us to have this done professionally.

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