Both chic and classic, tile or stone floors definitely make a statement! They’re elegant and on-trend. Some even have recycled content. JK Carpet Center offers a wide selection of tile and stone including Shaw, Surface Art, Daltile, and more!

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Get creative with tile

For floor décor that’s creative, practical, and charming, our tile is unbeatable. A huge variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes give you options that make a tile floor so stylish. And when you add extra pizzazz with glass trim, hand-painted accents, or colored grout, you take style to new levels.

One of the best things about tile is the ability to install it in special patterns that add interest to your floor. These patterns are easy to create and offer endless variety—another plus. Try alternating colors for a dramatic, two-toned effect. Mix sizes and shapes; choose between repeated or random patterns. No matter how you lay tile, it’s sure to make a statement.

JK Carpet Center can help you find your dream floor tile!

Why choose tile?

Aside from tile's versatility and its creative possibilities, tile has a long history as one of the most durable flooring materials available! Tile is an excellent choice for rooms that see a lot of wear or moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. It resists stains and scratches and is easy to clean. The result is a floor that's not only beautiful but practical as well.

Types of tile

Ceramic tile  

This tile is created from clay that has been formed and then heated under extreme pressure. There are two types of ceramic tile. 

Porcelain ceramic tile contains feldspar crystal, which gives it glass-like characteristics.

Non-Porcelain ceramic tile is the traditional variety made from any combination of minerals that include white, red, and brown clay.

Stone tile 

This category includes many natural stone materials, including marble tile. Stone varies in composition, so each type of stone tile has different practical uses and care and maintenance requirements.

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