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Add some fun & style

Visit Rugs.Shop to explore our expansive inventory of more than 100,000 different area rug styles. Area rugs can add color to your space, as well as texture and definition, too! You can add an instant focal point with just the right pop of color.

Layer an area rug on top of hardwood or laminate floors for a more finished and inviting look. An area rug is also perfect for adding added warmth to a tiled room. You can coordinate your entire room's decor around the right area rug.

The possibilities are endless!

Why get an area rug?

An area rug is the perfect finishing touch. A rug that complements your furniture and decor will tie the whole room together! In addition to adding style and color, an area rug will protect your hardwood floors from heavy foot traffic, sun exposure, and spills. It's a simple investment that enhances and protects your new floors!

Rug Types & Cost

An area rug can be a very simple and practical cotton or synthetic rug or more of a luxury item handmade out of wool or silk. The cost will depend on the material, how it was made, and the degree of artistry or intricacy in their design. These rugs are intricately designed, and they often last for hundreds of years. However, they can be very expensive. Today's machine-made rugs require much less labor, which keeps costs down and within everyone's budget. 

At the JK Carpet Center online rug shop, you'll find all of our rugs marked down by 50% or more, giving you huge savings on top of free shipping.

This is offer applies to every rug on the site! Rugs are shipped right to your door directly from the manufacturer for added convenience.

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Don't forget your rug pad!

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Rug pad | J/K Carpet Center, Inc
Rug pad | J/K Carpet Center, Inc
Rug pad | J/K Carpet Center, Inc