Just like carpeting, area rugs require some basic care to keep them looking plush and beautiful. Learn more about proper vacuuming techniques, stain removal, and more.

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Daily care & maintenance

Regularly vacuum your area rug to removed trapped dirt and any allergens. For low-traffic areas, try to clean once a week. For high-traffic areas, you might find that twice a week is more effective.

It's essential to protect the cable yarn when vacuuming shag rugs. Long fibers on a shag rug can wrap around your vacuum's beater bar, also known as a rotator brush. The actual brush can also damage your rug's fibers. To prevent this type of damage, carefully disconnect your vacuum's beater bar before vacuuming.

Invest in doormats and place them throughout your home. Encourage visitors to use them and to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your new area rug. Try to limit exposure from direct sunlight, too, which can fade your area rug over time.

You might want to have your area rug professionally cleaned on occasion, but make sure to hire only a professional cleaning expert! Make area rug maintenance easier to remember by incorporating a professional clean into your yearly spring cleaning routine.

It's also important to avoid using bleach on your rug and not dry clean your rug.

Handling spills

No matter how careful you are, your area rug will probably fall victim to an occasional spill or stain. Fortunately, many of our area rugs have stain-resistant technology built right into their fibers. Still, you'll want to act quickly when an accident happens.

Always try to deal with a spill when it first happens. It'll just get worse if you leave it.

If the stain is water-based, it might wipe away quickly. An oil-based mess will be a bit more of a challenge. For a difficult stain, you might need a more comprehensive approach. Consult your manufacturer's care guidelines for tricky stains, and you might consider having a manufacturer-approved cleaning product in hand, such as Shaw's Carpet Cleaner.

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